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We have two lakes within walking distance of the cottages and lodges. They are both about an acre in size.


The top lake has been established for 23 years and is stocked with mirror, common and grass carp, catfish, tench, rudd, roach, eels and pike.

The lower lake has been established for about 12 years and has mirror and common carp, tench, bream, roach, rudd, catfish and perch. 

Both Lakes are solely for the use of our guests. No day tickets are allowed. This ensures our stock are not over fished and guests can enjoy the exclusivity of private lakes. Lake conditions are monitored closely to ensure the fish are kept in a healthy state. We are proud to say that at Rendells Farm we have something to offer both the experienced carper as well as the novice angler.

Take a look at our ‘Fishy Photos’ to see the calibre of fish our guests are catching. 


Fishing Rules for 2022


Fishing is exclusive for our guests only. Fishing is permitted from Dawn to Dusk. Please ensure that all people in your party are made aware of these rules. 


Anyone under the age of 16 yrs must be accompanied by an adult at all times when fishing.  Anyone under the age of 12 yrs is not permitted around the lakes at any times unless accompanied by an adult. 


No additional visitors (friends or family) or day tickets permitted (which keeps it nice and private for our guests). Only the people who have booked into the accommodation are permitted on site.

No gardening of any kind around lakes.


Maximum of two rods per person - Rods must not be left unattended for any amount of time due to previous incidents of rods being pulled into the water.  Please ensure that your rod/s are of a decent test curve to avoid rods snapping and fish being left attached to broken rods and lines.


To avoid poor water conditions large amounts of ground bait feeding is not permitted but ground bait in smaller amounts ie in feeders is ok. You must not use fish paste or nuts. However, loose particle feed baits are permitted within reason.


Dry landing nets please on arrival. No keep nets, no braided lines or no death rigs. 

Maximum hook size is No. 6.


To be respectful and fair to all other anglers, a maximum of 2 consecutive days is permitted on the same swim


You should use barbless hooks, unhooking mats and large landing nets.


Any loss of tackle ie rods, landing nets etc must be reported to Dale as soon as possible.

If you have any concerns about fish quality, injuries etc please report to Dale (if possible please take a photograph)


Please ensure to remember to bring all kit along with you as there is no fishing tackle for hire on site.


The above rules must be adhered to.

Local Tackle Dealers

TK Tackle - Calne, Wiltshire:

The Tackle Company - Melksham, Wiltshire:

Angling Direct - Swindon, Wiltshire:

"The two lakes are amply stocked with carp, catfish, roach, rudd, bream and tench. The other half caught plenty during his stay and returned home a very happy angler!"

Had another fantastic 2 weeks at Rendells - even got the wife to start being interested and she caught her first carp! Thank you Dale and Kerry."

"We insisted on putting out a chicken liver on some stout tackle for a cat. It duly rocked off and after a very tense battle, 40lbs of whiskers rolled over the net. What a result!!"


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